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Renewing the Welfare State; The Right Mix of Ensuring Jobs, Income and Services

Over the last year the welfare state has been at the core of public debates. One idea in particular, namely unconditional universal basic income, has gotten a lot of attention. In my report, written as part of the Future Markets Consultation, I argue that a combination of extended basic services, a job guarantee and benefits as rights is a better solution. This option does not stimulate market individualism, but strengthens social cohesion, as these solutions are based on the reciprocal principle of enabling everyone to contribute to and benefit from the common good.

Renewing the Welfare State; Panel Discussion & Presentation of Report on 29 April

Various innovative ideas, such as an unconditional universal basic income, job guarantee and universal basic services, today seem less radical and utopian than they used to be. But should we put our faith fully in one of these options, seeing it as a silver bullet solution to all of our problems? Or should we, instead, advocate for an innovative combination that brings together the strengths of different ideas? During an online event on 29 April Sam de Muijnck (chairman of the Think Tank of Young Economists of the Future Markets Consultation) will present his report, followed by a panel discussion.

The Challenge for a Future Economy that Promotes Human Flourishing Is Broadening What Economists Value

The neglect of economics’ inseparable philosophical and political foundation is problematic in itself already for a plentitude of reasons. To make matters worse, the evaluative framework that underpins mainstream economic thinking only allows for a particularly narrow class of considerations to enter the discussion of what constitutes the conditions for human flourishing. In this essay, I will address the limitations of this welfarist evaluative framework by building on the pioneering work of Amartya Sen.

Nominated essay in the category master students of the Future Markets Consultation essay contest

Towards the Wellbeing Economy: Implications for Public, Environmental and Financial Policy

There is a growing recognition that our economy has to be fundamentally. In the new paradigm that is starting to emerge, the well-being of people and the planet is put at the center of the economy and society is organized more democratically. In this way, it concerns both a shift ideas and in power. Besides exploring what this paradigm shift entails for the economy in general, our report takes a closer look at the following three fields: (1) the public sector, (2) environmental policy and (3) the financial sector.

Towards the Well-Being Economy; Presentation of Report on 12 April

We are living through a twice-in-a-century change in economic thinking and policy making, also known as a paradigm shift: away from neoliberal market ideas and a focus on narrow economic growth, towards an economy centred on enhancing human well-being in a sustainable, equitable and resilient way – also known as the Well-Being Economy. The Think Tank of Young Economists of the Future Markets Consultation has investigated how we can move towards the Wellbeing Economy. At an online event on 12 April 2020 the young economists will present the report to former Dutch prime minister Jan-Peter Balkenende, who will write the main consultation report. This will be followed by a panel discussion on the report.

The Effects of Contemporary Capitalism on Everyday Life – Recording Live Cast Now Available

The recording of our live cast on the effects of contemporary capitalism on everyday life (12 October) with sociologist Isabella Ferrera & economist Josh Ryan-Collins is now available. The interview with Ferreras and the interview with Ryan-Collins, part of the episode, are also available as separate videos.

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