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Reimagining Capitalism in the Shadow of the Pandemic

“While free markets are an unparalleled source of prosperity and freedom, the free market can only take us where we need to go if externalities such as carbon pollution are properly priced, if there is genuine freedom of opportunity, and if the rules of the game are such that competition is free and fair. Markets do not police themselves; they must be balanced by transparent, capable, democratically accountable governments.”

Jobs Crisis: The Case for a New Social Contract

“COVID-19 has revealed the problems with this paradigm. In doing so, it has showcased the ‘real key workers’ keeping society functioning and supporting human life. What is now required is a new social contract with a moral purpose. It would be based around strengthening public services and other human necessities sometimes known as the foundational economy, while creating green jobs aimed at cutting carbon emissions.”

Toward a New Fiscal Constitution

“With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing governments to spend on an unprecedented scale to sustain businesses and households, there has never been a better time to restore the state to its proper role as a rudder for the broader economy. The market alone is simply no match for the challenges of the twenty-first century”, so Mariana Mazzucato and Robert Skidelsky argue.

Coronavirus Recovery – The New Economic Thinking We Need

“based on the experience of the past decade, it’s hard to say that economic crises are truly abnormal. Heterodox economics, an approach to economics that I belong to, says economic crises are an inherent feature of capitalism. […] More government spending on public investment projects and public services, as well as greater oversight of how market activity influences society, must be the focus going forward.”

Resetting Capitalism; Searching for Common Ground (Webinar)

Already before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic there were grave concerns about the state of our global economy and the future of capitalism. The current COVID-19 crisis only adds fuel to this debate. What will this reset look like and who can and/or will enforce it? Moral Markets is one of the partners in the organisation of a webinar on Monday 29 June from 16.00 to 17.30 CET on this topic.

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