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The Reset of Capitalism (in Europe)

We need a ‘Great Reset’ or ‘Great Reallocation’ of capitalism in which European capital is being invested in European companies, and vice versa, European companies being financed with European capital; these investment decisions resulting from a dialogue between the European wealthy and European entrepreneurs; and this process being maximally supported and promoted by national and European laws and regulations. This idea was not born from gloomy nationalism or anti-globalism, but from the conviction that a better balance is needed between global and local, between place of production and place of consumption, between mobile wealth and immobile labor, between large-scale politics and small communities, between freedom and responsibility, between short- and long-term. A viewpoint for the Future Markets Consultation submitted by Dutch think tank Socires.

The Future of Europe’s Capitalism – Podcast with Dirk Bezemer

In this podcast Annick van Rinsum speaks with Dirk Bezemer, professor of Economics, member of the Sustainable Finance Lab, and author of the book Een Land van Kleine Buffers [‘A Country of Small Buffers’, in Dutch]. They talk about the difference between the Rhinelandic and the Anglo-Saxon capitalist models and their effect on socio-economic outcomes, about whether there is a uniquely European capitalism at the world stage and the need to(re-)define it, and about the role of economists as social scientist to address the challenges that the future brings. This episode of the podcast series by Pakhuis de Zwijger forms the closure of a series of online dialogues that we organized with them over the past couple of months on the future of capitalism in Europe.

What Does Europe’s Future Economy of the Common Good Look Like? Join Our Dialogue on Monday

This upcoming Monday the closing dialogue will take place of our series on the future of capitalism. Topic will be a more just and sustainable economic model for Europe, with this time four guests from four different European countries: Luis Garicano (Spain), Dalia Marin (Austria/Germany), Lucrezia Reichlin (Italy), and Geert Noels (Belgium). Can we develop a serious economic alternative for the Chinese and American model? Can we, despite the different cultures and countries we come from, find uniting ground for a European economic model? We cordially invite you to join the dialogue and submit your questions!

Can a Different Market Economy Work in Practice? Recording of the Live Cast Now Available

The recording of our live cast on whether a different market economy can work in practice (16 November) with economist Luigi Zingales and economic refomer Christian Felber is now available. The interview with Zingales and the interview with Felber, part of the episode, are also available as separate videos.

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