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Making the Best of a Post-Pandemic World

“All three – greater government action, retreat from hyper-globalism, and lower growth rates – predate the pandemic. And while they could be viewed as posing significant dangers to human prosperity, it is also possible that they are harbingers of a more sustainable, more inclusive global economy.”, says economist Dani Rodrik.

Covid-19 and the impact of Racial Capitalism in the Caribbean

““Racial capitalism” is a brutal socio-economic system. Regionally across the small islands nations and countries of the Caribbean the scars of this system are everywhere. […] The introduction and spread of deadly disease within the region via tourism and globalization can be read as one aspect of how racialised global capitalism facilitates the spread of Covid-19 from elsewhere to a region historically exploited and underdeveloped, and how different nations and populations will experience the social and economic fallout from Covid-19 in different and uneven ways.”

The “Invisibles” in the Pandemic

“The COVID-19 crisis leaves some people more vulnerable than others to the economic and social fallout. The G20 should create initiatives that reflect the inclusive foundations of the Marshall Plan rather than the inadequate bailouts of the Great Recession.”

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