Critical Reflections on Globalization & Free Trade

Online Courses

  1. Globalization: Past and Future (Columbia University)
  2. Globalization’s Winners and Losers (Georgetown University)
  3. Global Markets and Personal Impacts (University of Washington)
  4. The Future of Globalization; Understanding Opposition (University of Grenoble)
  5. Globalisation (Oxford University)
  6. Local Economic Development(Erasmus University Rotterdam)

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Articles & Blogs

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The Trouble with “Buying Australian”

““Buy Australian” has been the catchcry from many in politics, business, trade unions and industry bodies for as long as I can remember, and Covid-19 has upped the ante. But while many groups advocate Buy Australian, one group is conspicuously absent: economists. The reason for this is counterintuitive: Buy Australian doesn’t help Australians, it hurts them, and particularly the most disadvantaged.”

International Trade Has Cost Americans Millions of Jobs. Investing in Communities Might Offset Those Losses

“Economists generally support ‘people-based’ over ‘place-based’ policies and investments. The rationale is that it’s more important to invest in workers rather than bolster a place where workers live. Economists would argue that directing public funds into regions doing poorly is akin to wasting money. The logical outcome of such policies is that towns that have lost their economic base are allowed to shrink while other economies take their place.”

How We Can Protect Our Farmers and Promote Free Trade

“there is a solution here where the UK can both protect farmers and execute a trade policy which allows them to be competitive on global markets. To do so means asking what it is we should be protecting them from, and we should, in answering that question, come up with a set of holistic solutions. The Department for International Trade’s newly formed Trade and Agriculture Commission, on which I sit, is an excellent opportunity for constructive engagement to solve these issues and find common ground among stakeholders.”


Part 10 of 9 in series "Online courses per topic"

The future of globalization and free trade has become a hot topic of discussion ever since the COVID-19 outbreak. In this post a number of courses to learn more about globalization and free trade from a variety of (disciplinary) perspectives, plus a course on how local economic development can be achieved in a globalized world.

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