Economic Growth & GDP: Its Desirability & Necessity

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How to Overcome the Triple Productivity Crisis? A Proposal to Realize Sustainable & Inclusive Growth

Our current economic growth is neither inclusive nor is it sustainable. One of the key drivers for this development is what we call the triple productivity crisis. If we want to get on an inclusive and sustainable growth path, we need to address the three main drivers of this crisis and rethink our approach to productivity and growth strategies. A viewpoint submitted to the Future Markets Consultation by the Bertelsmann Stiftung, a German think tank.

Circular Economy in Degrowth for Environmental Sustainability

During the span of my life, the world has seen growth in wealth, health, and innovation like never before. At the same time, the world has become aware that human actions are affecting climate change, environmental pollution, biodiversity loss and more, with potential catastrophic consequences. In quest for solutions, Future Markets Consultation initiated the essay question: How can the freedom and innovation that free markets provide be squared with environmental sustainability and social justice?

Nominated essay in the category master students of the Future Markets Consultation essay contest

The Glass Half-Empty: Debunking the Myth of Progress in the Twenty-First Century

“In The Glass Half-Empty: Debunking the Myth of Progress in the Twenty-First Century, Rodrigo Aguilera challenges the arguments of the ‘New Optimists’, showing their progress narrative to be a conservative defence of the status quo that is ill-equipped to deal with pressing socioeconomic problems. In making clear that we do not live in the best of all possible worlds, this deep analysis offers a refreshing perspective on complex political and economic phenomena, writes Elena Cossu.”

Slowdown: The End of the Great Acceleration – And Why It’s Good for the Planet, the Economy and Our Lives

“In Slowdown, Danny Dorling challenges the idea that we are living through an era of unprecedented economic and technological acceleration, instead putting forward an argument in favour of the inevitability and desirability of deceleration. Published in the midst of a global pandemic, Dorling’s insightful and persuasive book is a well-timed forecast that the storm will eventually subside and humankind will advance towards an era of peace and stability for all, writes Theo Curtis.


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