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Jobs Crisis: The Case for a New Social Contract

“COVID-19 has revealed the problems with this paradigm. In doing so, it has showcased the ‘real key workers’ keeping society functioning and supporting human life. What is now required is a new social contract with a moral purpose. It would be based around strengthening public services and other human necessities sometimes known as the foundational economy, while creating green jobs aimed at cutting carbon emissions.”

Searching for Socialism: The Project of the Labour New Left from Benn to Corbyn

“In Searching for Socialism, Leo Panitch and Colin Leys bring out the continuities in the policies and aspirations of Tony Benn and Jeremy Corbyn in seeking to transform the British Labour Party into an instrument of socialist change. While urging for greater efforts towards instilling socialist values and objectives within the Labour Party, the authors conclude that without a compelling socialist ideology capable of overcoming the contradictions of 21st-century capitalism, we remain searching for socialism, writes David Lane.”

Faced with Post-Covid Uncertainty, the Last Thing We Need Is a Grand Plan

“The initial analysis, that the economy needs to change, is going to change, is entirely correct. But as no one really knows how it is going to change, we should avoid trying to lay down the rigid rail lines of a plan to get there. For plans take you to where you know you want to go, like trains, and the current reality is that we’re wandering on a plain of possibilities without knowing what is the end destination, or even which one is desirable. All of which leaves us, as Hayek insisted, with having to use the market to do the calculating for us. Forget the grand plan, do the things that are sensible anyway, then leave well alone.”

How to Evolve Past Capitalism

“Economic systems are like ecosystems. And so, to say that America is capitalist isn’t quite accurate. Instead, argues Erik Olin Wright, it is more precise to say that America has an economic system in which the capitalist mode of production is the dominant species. Yet other species exist. Public libraries and co-ops, for example, are socialist in nature.” – Review of Erik Olin Wright’s How to Be an Anti-capitalist in the Twenty-First Century

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