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  2. Mao to Now: On Chinese Marxism (University of Newcastle)

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The New Command Economy?

“Since the beginning of March, Western governments have intervened in the economy on a scale never seen in peacetime. In a recent episode of ‘CoronaNomics,’ PS’s Roman Frydman, INET’s Rob Johnson, Ben Chu of The Independent, and Lizzie Burden of The Telegraph discuss whether governments are getting involved in the right way.”

How to Evolve Past Capitalism

“Economic systems are like ecosystems. And so, to say that America is capitalist isn’t quite accurate. Instead, argues Erik Olin Wright, it is more precise to say that America has an economic system in which the capitalist mode of production is the dominant species. Yet other species exist. Public libraries and co-ops, for example, are socialist in nature.” – Review of Erik Olin Wright’s How to Be an Anti-capitalist in the Twenty-First Century

Pandemic Socialism

“By introducing a uniquely disruptive shock to both supply and demand, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended longstanding ideological debates almost overnight. Suddenly, far-reaching state intervention in the economy has become necessary to save market capitalism, which is unlikely to emerge unchanged.”

Lessons from Crises Past

“Government policies restricting the operation of markets usually do more harm than good. Even in times of crisis, such as the current coronavirus pandemic, policymakers should do everything possible to keep markets working and private incentives strong.”

The Private Sector Is Key to Vanquishing the Virus – and Winning the Peace

“As ever, there will be a chorus of collectivists who claim this crisis demonstrates the limits of the market and the case for expanding government. Yet the lessons of history are perfectly clear: in both war and peace, the private sector is integral to a thriving economy: that will be the case during this crisis, and we must not forget it once the coronavirus is eventually vanquished.”

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