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Structural Change and the Green New Deal with Ann Pettifor

Economist Ann Pettifor outlines her take on the need to press for structural change within the financial and economic systems to tackle the climate crisis, rather than allowing the responsibility to be piled on to individuals and their communities“; fragment from an RSA event in December 2019. Upcoming Monday Pettifor is one of our guests in the next online dialogue of the Future Markets Consultation, this time on the topic of reconciling markets and ecology.

Ecocide: Kill the Corporation Before it Kills Us

“In Ecocide: Kill the Corporation Before it Kills Us, David Whyte argues that corporations are a critical yet neglected cause of our global environmental crisis. Accessibly written with excellent examples and case studies of modern business conduct, this bold book will be a valuable addition to reading lists, particularly for those studying political economy and business, recommends Atul K. Shah.”

Think Companies Can Save the World? Think Again!

Environmental concerns were dominating many conversations at the business meetings Davos in 2019, but with climate-sceptic leaders ruling some of the world’s biggest economies, should we rely on companies to make the world a better place? Marieke Blom, chief economist of the Dutch bank ING, thinks not. A viewpoint submitted to the Future Markets Consultation.

Shareholder Value in a Burning World

“The best way to address climate change is not through wishful thinking but by using the tools we have – and that includes the established corporate model of maximizing shareholder value. Already, many companies are showing the way, having recognized that going green can generate immediate profits,” writes Rebecca Henderson.

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