Greed is not good…

The ‘homo economicus’ that for decades dominated mainstream economic thinking is increasingly considered a harmful caricature. Most of us no longer believe that “greed is good”, as movie character Gordon Gekko infamously claimed in Wall Street, which appeared in the heyday of neoliberalism.

… but what role do virtues play?

But what role do virtues – such as trustworthiness and benevolence – play in creating an economy that leads to individual and societal flourishing? That is what we set out to investigate in the project ‘What Good Markets Are Good for’ (2017-2020), with the aim of developing a new narrative about free markets and capitalism.

Future Markets Consultation

Towards a New Market Economy in Europe for Future Generations

To close of our project, we organized the Future Markets Consultation in the fall of 2020. It consisted of several parts, including a series of online dialogues with visionary economists & thinkers. The consultation report will be published in the course of 2021.

The Moral Markets Website

Moral Markets is a web portal that was created as part of research project What Good Markets are Good for created the Moral Markets website. The site does not just serve to communicate research results, but aims to be a platform for anybody working on or interested in the same topic. It contains a wide variety of articles, books and resources.