New Narrative

What Good Markets are Good for is a 3-year research project (2017-2019) on morality and markets. The guiding hypothesis (the ‘Big Thesis’) that this project sets out to corroborate is:

societies with free-market economies flourish because and in so far as the key market actors (states, businesses and individuals) respect morality, and act virtuously

The project aims to develop a new narrative about the morality of free markets and their contribution to human flourishing.

Partners and Funding

The project involves researchers from economics, philosophy and theology. It is a joint initiative from four Dutch universities:

The project received funding from the Templeton World Charity Foundation.

The Moral Markets Website

The Templeton-funded project What Good Markets are Good for created the Moral Markets website. However, the site does not just serve to communicate research results, but aims to be a platform for anybody working on or interested in the same topic.

Also available in: Dutch