Opinion Research Trust in Doctors and Bankers

In September 2017  a survey was conducted among 24,000 Dutch people about their trust in doctors and banks, as part of the research project “What Good Markets are Good for.” 6.948 Dutch people (29%) responded to this. The survey is representative of the Dutch population of 18 years and older. In addition, a survey was held among people working in the Dutch financial sector. 591 people participated in this poll. The following topics are addressed in the survey:

  • Trustworthiness of banks and doctors
  • The role of personal contact between banks and customers
  • Expected effect of financial reward on customer orientation
  • Call for government regulation of banking
  • The relationship between trust, expected customer orientation and the call for government intervention

Blog Posts Resulting from this Survey

Trustworthiness of Doctors and Bankers Judged Quite Differently

"A much greater risk, it seems to me, is that all kinds of much needed discussions about the structure of our economy, which have gained traction in recent years, will come to a halt again. In which sectors can the free market work well, and in which not? In the financial sector? In the health care sector? In the food sector? And under what conditions?"