Market Economies: Worldviews and Practices (workshop)

May 9, 2019 - May 10, 2019
Since the fall of the Iron Curtain and the resulting transition of formerly centrally planned economies into market economies, academic interest in the different forms of a market economy has increased. This workshop aims at taking this one step furt...

World Religions, Markets & Human Flourishing (seminar)

August 27, 2018 - August 29, 2018
Discussion in this seminar will be on the following thesis, tailored to each tradition: "From X perspective, markets promote human flourishing."

Reinventing Capitalism – Business Ethics and its Contribution to the “Doux Commmerce” (Conference)

June 27, 2018 - June 29, 2018
"The “Doux Commerce” thesis states that the capitalist spirit and the drive to efficiency and profit will eventually contribute to peace, justice and morality. This is valid if competitors perceive markets as contributing to mutual benefit. At th...

The Theological and Sociological Sources of Adam Smith (seminar)

May 28, 2018 - May 30, 2018
Question to be addressed: "How can an exploration of Adam Smith's Scottish-Presbyterian background (both theological and sociological) shed new light on the moral status of the free market as he envisioned it?" Participation in this event is on invit...

From ‘Ratrace’ to ‘Relationships’ (symposium)

April 11, 2017 @ 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Economic growth and a free market sometimes seem to have become goals in their own right. Human well-being is often made subordinate to return on capital. Could a moral reorientation change this? What role can virtues play?

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