Sub-project C investigates what role virtues play at the organizational level in ensuring that companies operating in a free market context contribute to people’s well-being.

The leading questions of this project are as follows:

C1. What can we learn from social psychology and management studies about the impact of virtues and vices, as they become manifest in various styles of leadership, on human flourishing in and through companies?

C2. How do different indicators of economic freedom (e.g. size of government, quality of legal system and property rights, sound money, trade openness and government regulation) affect corporate social responsibility (CSR) and how do virtues affect this relationship?

Methodologies used in this project are:

  • Factor analysis/ Principal Component Analysis
  • Regression analysis
  • Binary logit/probit model
  • Panel estimation using data of economic freedom and ESG ratings
  • Regression analysis using data of large survey among European companies


Resulting Publications

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