Annemiek Schilpzand is an economist (MSc International Economics, 2013) and a lawyer (LLM European Law, 2014). Her interests lie in the field of cultural and institutional economics and their overlap with law. She is currently a PhD student at the Radboud University and has several teaching responsibilities there as well.

Within the ‘What are Good markets Good for’ project she will assist in the (empirical) research of the project ‘The Good Market, How It Does and Doesn’t Work: Macro-Virtues’. As the title suggests, this project focusses on the virtues at the macro level. On this level countries are compared to each other. Specifically, a comparison is made between the different cultures and virtues of these countries and (i) how they affect the way a society looks at markets and (ii) how these societies consider the influence of markets on human flourishing.

To scrutinize these relations empirically, she employs items from different surveys that have been conducted. These surveys ask respondents how they value certain items, for example whether the respondent considers competition to be a good or a bad thing. Because these surveys are held in numerous countries it is possible to compare respondents’ answers across these countries.

    Deelproject(en) in het Goede Markten Project

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