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Socires wants to connect people across physical and digital borders because we believe the strengths of people everywhere can create a better world.

Socires fundamentally believes in the power of people who, through cooperation, shape society and work toward a better and more humane future. Socires wants to reinforce the associations in which people cooperate because these associations are the guarantee that the person and the communities with which this person is connected, can develop and flourish.  In a vital society, citizens take the responsibility for society each on their own level. In a vital society, institutions are dynamic and take advantage of emerging opportunities. Socires’s work compliments institutes, enterprises, and governments. Socires wants to shape and support the commitment of citizens via reflection, discussion, publications, and training.

  • Socires believes in the values that people share: compassion, justice, and reconciliation.
  • Socires believes in cooperation.
  • Socires believes in thinking and doing.
  • Socires believes in a just economic order.
  • Socires believes in near-by and far away.

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