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About Daan van Schalkwijk

Daan van Schalkwijk received his MSc in theoretical biology from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. After graduating he did his PhD project at the University of Leiden and TNO on computational modeling of lipoprotein metabolism. Currently, Daan is a tutor at Amsterdam University College and teaches in the “Introduction to Health and Well-being” theme course as well as the biology portion of “Big Questions in Science.” He supervises student research in the area of public health. Next to his biological career, Daan is director of Leidenhoven College, a small-scale collegiate hall of residence in Amsterdam. Daan van Schalkwijk has a long standing interest in the philosophy of science, the philosophy of life and the great books of western literature.

Within the Good Markets research project, Daan van Schalkwijk is – together with AUC students – working on a popular book on love and game theory. This book project is a collaboration with Lans Bovenberg of Tilburg University, who is working on a new economics curriculum for Dutch high schools. The curriculum includes among others original reflections on game theory, which the popular book further explores and makes accessible to a broad audience.

Sub-Project(s) in the Good Markets Project

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