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Part [part not set] of 9 in series "Online courses per topic"

The future of globalization and free trade has become a hot topic of discussion ever since the COVID-19 outbreak. In this post a number of courses to learn more about globalization and free trade from a variety of (disciplinary) perspectives, plus a course on how local economic development can be achieved in a globalized world.

21 Free ‘Quarantaine’ eBooks for Reflecting on Markets, Capitalism, Economics & Business

“With university classrooms and libraries shuttered because of the COVID-19 crisis, scholars are facing disruptions not only in their teaching lives but also in their ability to access research materials. In response, many academic presses have made hundreds of their titles freely accessible online,” notices the website Public Books, which is maintaining a list of publishers who have made available free books. Moral Markets went through their list to select books of interest in the area of the ethics of markets, capitalism, economics & business.

How & How Not To Do Economics – New Online Course

“What is economics for? What is it about? How should it be done? How can it be of use to us? How is it connected to morals and politics? These are the core questions economic historian Lord Robert Skidelsky will answer in this new lecture series for INET [published September 2019]. Expanding an understanding of economics beyond mathematical models, Skidelsky covers topics essential to using economics to better understand the world, such as economics and history, the role of psychology and sociology in economics, and the role of methodology.”

More courses on politics, philosophy and economics

Safeguarding Technology’s Beneficial Aspects While Preventing Its Covert Use By Surveillance Capitalists

“Shoshana Zuboff coined the term “surveillance capitalism” to describe the new way companies claim private human experience as products. [In this podcast] Shoshana joins Azeem Azhar to discuss the emergence of surveillance capitalism, its pernicious and beneficial aspects, and the future for human autonomy and agency.”

View Zuboff’s book on the Moral Market bookshelf


Part [part not set] of 9 in series "Online courses per topic"

What courses to take if you would like to sharpen your thoughts on morality and markets? In the fifth post in this series some massive open online courses (MOOCs) on alternative business models, including cooperative firms and social entrepreneurship. [post updated with new course in December 2019]


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