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Economic Dignity – New on Our Bookshelf

“Too often, Sperling found that we measured economic success by metrics like GDP instead of whether the economy was succeeding in lifting up the sense of meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and security of people. In Economic Dignity, Sperling frames the way forward in a time of wrenching change and offers a vision of an economy whose guiding light is the promotion of dignity for all Americans.”

The Power of AND; Responsible Business Without Trade-Offs – New on Our Bookshelf

The Power of AND details an emerging business model built on five key concepts:

  • prioritizing purpose as well as profits;
  • creating value for stakeholders as well as shareholders;
  • seeing business as embedded in society as well as markets;
  • recognizing people’s full humanity as well as their economic interests; and
  • integrating business and ethics into a more holistic model.

9 Nominees in Essay Contest Future Markets Consultation

At the end of 2020 the Future Markets Consultation invited students and young scholars to submit their ideas on a sustainable and just market economy for Europe in the shape of an essay. The jury has meanwhile read all the submissions to this essay contest with great interest. Five master students and four young scholars have been nominated for the prize. The winner in each of these two categories will be announced in a short award ceremony on 12 April 2020.

The Future of Capitalism in Europe; Essay Contest for Students and Young Researchers

The Future Markets Consultation invites master students and young scholars to submit their ideas on a sustainable and just market economy for Europe in the shape of an essay. A prize is available in three categories: (1) bachelor students, (2) master & PhD students and (3) young scholars until 35 years. A selection of the best essays will be published on both the consultation website and on the Moral Markets portal. Deadline for submission is 3 January 2020.

Towards a New Market Economy in Europe for Future Generations – Essay Contest

How can the freedom and innovative potential of free markets be squared with the requirements of ecological sustainability, social justice & inclusiveness? That is the question that the Future Markets Consultation will investigate in the fall of 2020. As part of the consultation, an essay contest for students and young scholars will be organized. Deadline to submit an essay is 30 November 2020.

Mortgage Market Déjà Vu

“The key lesson of the bubble is that unregulated competition for mortgage credit risk will inevitably result in a deterioration of lending standards and an unsustainable bubble. Competition in the housing finance market is desirable—but only along the right dimensions. We should encourage competition in terms of operational efficiency and consumer-friendly innovation, not a race to the bottom for credit risk.”

Markets vs Reality

“The collapse of the stock markets in the developed world in March has quickly reversed, leaving many to argue that the disconnect between financial markets and the real economy will be short-lived and that a market correction is inevitable. In the latest installment of CoronaNomics, PS Contributors Jim O’Neill and Willem Buiter discuss with Ben Chu from The Independent and Lizzy Burden from The Telegraph what’s in store for the global economy and financial markets and how to reconcile the disconnect.”


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