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What If a Shrinking Economy Wasn’t a Disaster?

“As the coronavirus pandemic grows, it brings a secondary, economic disaster—unemployment, small business closings, local government budget shortfalls. Given the way our economy is structured, widespread job losses and plummeting consumer demand trigger a whole lot of suffering. But, as philosopher Barbara Muraca explained in 2013, the activist and scholarly movement known as degrowth is building a vision of a society where economies would get smaller by design—and people would be better off for it.”

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The Coronavirus Crisis Is a Monster Fueled by Capitalism

“The outbreak has instantly exposed the stark class divide in American healthcare. Those with good health plans who can also work or teach from home are comfortably isolated provided they follow prudent safeguards. Public employees and other groups of unionized workers with decent coverage will have to make difficult choices between income and protection.”

Honorable Business – New on Our Bookshelf

Honorable Business offers an explanation of the connection between honorable business and the historically unprecedented growth of worldwide prosperity over the last two centuries. It also gives responses to central worries and objections raised to business and commercial society, including inequality, unfairness, negative externalities, and exploitation.

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The Year 2019 in 3 Debates

What debates and discussions on the ethics of markets, business and economics stood out in 2019? To answer that question, we looked back at the articles that we sourced for you from a range of different websites throughout the year. The three topics we distilled:

  1. Does Business Have a Purpose Beyond Profit?
  2. Economic Growth: Problem or Solution?
  3. Can We Make the Economy More Democratic?

In this post a quick recap of – sometimes opposing – contributions to these discussions. Where do you stand?

Market-Led Infrastructure May Sound Good But Not If It Short-Changes the Public

“Market-led proposals present a risk for how our cities function. If infrastructure is built in the interests of private actors, the outcomes will favour them, not citizens. Privatising key public assets that are natural monopolies, such as railways, opens the door to rent-seeking. While allowing governments to conveniently avoid the capital costs appearing on public balance sheets, market-led proposals seem engineered to deliver monopoly rents from users to private interests.”


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