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A Greener Economy: How We Make Sustainability Central to Business

“what role can individuals within businesses play in actually achieving a more profound change? How can just one person help turn what has been a traumatic period in human history, into one that future generations will benefit from, and create a more sustainable world? We studied 44 heads of sustainability at companies around the world, exploring what they did to build sustainability into their organisation.”

Making the Best of a Post-Pandemic World

“All three – greater government action, retreat from hyper-globalism, and lower growth rates – predate the pandemic. And while they could be viewed as posing significant dangers to human prosperity, it is also possible that they are harbingers of a more sustainable, more inclusive global economy.”, says economist Dani Rodrik.

Navigating Deglobalization

“Appeals to recommit to globalization are highly unlikely to gain traction in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those keen to preserve globalization would instead be better advised to focus on minimizing the disruption caused by the coming period of deglobalization and laying the groundwork for a more sustainable process thereafter.”


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