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The State of Socially Responsible Investing

“investors are increasingly conscious of the social and environmental consequences of the decisions that governments and companies make. They can be quick to punish companies for child labor practices, human rights abuses, negative environmental impact, poor governance, and a lack of gender equality. Pair this with an increase in regulatory drivers post-2008 crisis, and a deepening understanding of the impacts of climate change and associated risk to performance, and we begin to see more clearly the need for investment models that will better address investors’ concerns.”

Why Social Entrepreneurs Are So Burned Out

“Is it reasonable to expect a for-profit enterprise, and its employees, to address large-scale social problems? Helping those most in need and running a commercially viable business at the same time can create conflicting of goals. Our research, which explores how this conflict manifests itself in the lives of entrepreneurs working within for-profit companies, provides the first robust evidence that it can have serious repercussions for their health and wellbeing.”

Purpose Driven Companies Are Winners

“Companies that look beyond the bottom line often earn more money and garner greater affinity with customers in the long run. This is the argument that scholar Caterina Bulgarella makes in her September column “Purpose-driven companies evolve faster than others” for Forbes. Purpose-driven companies that frame their goals on the lines of transforming peoples’ lives will not only achieve more sales, but have greater impact on consumers in the long run.”


Part [part not set] of 9 in series "Online courses per topic"

What courses to take if you would like to sharpen your thoughts on morality and markets? In the fifth post in this series some massive open online courses (MOOCs) on alternative business models, including cooperative firms and social entrepreneurship. [post updated with new course in December 2019]


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