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Why According to Marx There Can Be No Freedom or Sustainability under Capitalism

Capitalism’s critics are telling us that our economic system has had its day. It has violently uprooted previous ways of life, was spread around the globe by brutal imperialism and colonialism, leaves billions in poverty, and is destroying our environment to an extent that threatens our very survival as a species. Capitalism’s defenders tell us that it has produced high levels of growth, amazing technological innovation, and laid the groundwork we need for a prosperous future. Their positions are, according to Marx, not as far apart as one might think.

What Karl Marx Has to Say about Today’s Environmental Problems

“on Marx’s recent 200th birthday, discussion of his continuing relevance was still dominated by “traditional” understandings of Marxism. Commentators, whether hostile or sympathetic, focused on his critique of the exploitation and inequality of capitalism and imperialism, and the struggle to transform society in a socialist direction. Sadly, there was little – far too little – on Marx’s thinking on the relations between humans and nature.”

There’s No Such Thing as Moderate Marxism

“It’s true that Marx was a great intellect, saw things in capitalism that others did not (most notably its phenomenal productive potential), and started lines of academic inquiry that remain influential and in some cases even deserve to be. Nonetheless, let’s be clear: From the outset, violence and totalitarianism were hard-wired into Marxism as a political project.”


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