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COVID-19, Technology, and Surveillance Capitalism

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, shopping, entertainment, and communication have moved online, and tech firms’ share prices have soared. In the latest installment of CoronaNomics, PS contributor J. Bradford DeLong and NYU professor Scott Galloway join The Independent’s Ben Chu and The Telegraph’s Lizzy Burden to discuss whether we are entering an era of higher productivity, or one of surveillance capitalism, monopoly power, and spiraling inequality.”

Friedman’s Principle, 50 Years Later

“In the mid-1980s, Milton Friedman’s view that the only social responsibility of business is to increase its profits became dominant in business and academia. Since the Great Financial Crisis, his views have increasingly been challenged. To mark the 50-year anniversary of Friedman’s influential NYT piece, we are launching a series of articles on the shareholder-stakeholder debate.”

Why According to Marx There Can Be No Freedom or Sustainability under Capitalism

Capitalism’s critics are telling us that our economic system has had its day. It has violently uprooted previous ways of life, was spread around the globe by brutal imperialism and colonialism, leaves billions in poverty, and is destroying our environment to an extent that threatens our very survival as a species. Capitalism’s defenders tell us that it has produced high levels of growth, amazing technological innovation, and laid the groundwork we need for a prosperous future. Their positions are, according to Marx, not as far apart as one might think.

The New-Old Threat to Economic Freedom

“With politicians proposing policies that would vastly expand the size of the government and its involvement in the economy, it is clear that too many Americans have forgotten the lessons of the twentieth century. As Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman pointed out long ago, deviating from market principles is a recipe for disaster.”

Freedom of Choice – Not Competition – Is What Sets Capitalism Apart

“Capitalism has often been described as ‘a system of competition’ by its adversaries, or a system ‘based on competition.’ Naturally, this assertion is usually coupled with a spirited oration on how this ‘tooth ‘n’ nail’ competition psychologically corrupts us — pitting man against man in a ‘race to the bottom.’ Many of capitalism’s most vocal advocates have themselves imbibed this premise uncritically. […] In my view, this is a mistake.”

The Compelling Case for Greater Economic Freedom

“This morning, the Fraser Institute, a Canadian think tank, published the 22nd edition of its annual Economic Freedom of the World (EFW) report. For a long time, we’ve known that, on average, freer economies are richer, grow faster and have longer life expectancies. But the 2018 edition of the EFW gives us more insight than ever before into the intrinsic link between economic freedom and other measures of human wellbeing — such as infant mortality, equality, happiness and extreme poverty rates.”


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