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Is There Sufficient Room for Local Communities in a Globalized Economy?

In a recent dialogue economists Raghuram Rajan and Paul Collier both defended their view that local communities should be re-empowered again. Yet Collier called it ‘dumb’ to reverse globalization. But can we have our cake and eat it, Ilse Oosterlaken wonders. Would it not be necessary to make economies more local before local communities can thrive again?

International Trade Has Cost Americans Millions of Jobs. Investing in Communities Might Offset Those Losses

“Economists generally support ‘people-based’ over ‘place-based’ policies and investments. The rationale is that it’s more important to invest in workers rather than bolster a place where workers live. Economists would argue that directing public funds into regions doing poorly is akin to wasting money. The logical outcome of such policies is that towns that have lost their economic base are allowed to shrink while other economies take their place.”

Another Approach to Online Platforms Is Possible: Cooperation

“The solution would be to adopt a cooperative model. In other words, to create platforms that are owned by their users and apply a democratic operating model, in which each co-owner has a voice, independent of their contribution of capital. In addition, an obligation to reinvest a proportion of the profit into the project, with no way of making a capital gain by selling shares, thus avoiding financial speculation. Many experiments are underway around the world.”

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Redemptive Entrepreneurship: In a Globalized Economy, Who Is Our Neighbor?

“In our globalized and interconnected world, we inhabit vast networks of creative exchange with widely dispersed neighbors. This leads to real and thriving communities far and wide—a great and mysterious collaboration. But as we continue to strengthen those social bonds across economic life, how do we stay faithful and attentive to our more proximate community spheres?”

In the Wake of Socialism, Venezuela’s Black-Market Capitalists Meet Community Needs

“The Venezuelan people continue to struggle and suffer under the weight of severe socialist policies—facing increased poverty and hunger, swelling suicide rates, and widespread social unrest. Yet even as its president admits to a nationwide economic emergency, the government continues to celebrate the very drivers behind the collapse, blaming low oil prices and ‘global capitalism,’ instead. Meanwhile, amid the turmoil and desperation, Venezuela’s local capitalism is beginning to emerge as a solution to the woes of socialism.”

Stop Treating Local Shops as Charity Cases

“There is a growing campaign to “shop local”, grounded in the idea that it is more virtuous to buy from an independent shop around the corner than it is to purchase from a multinational or chain. The protest appeals to a nostalgia for community, yet when considered for more than two minutes is clearly problematic. […] the campaign to “shop local” is revealing of a deeper and far-reaching trend: the lapse of the belief that profit has any virtue in and of itself, the suspicion that somehow capitalism is wrong.”


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