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What Does Europe’s Future Economy of the Common Good Look Like? Join Our Dialogue on Monday

This upcoming Monday the closing dialogue will take place of our series on the future of capitalism. Topic will be a more just and sustainable economic model for Europe, with this time four guests from four different European countries: Luis Garicano (Spain), Dalia Marin (Austria/Germany), Lucrezia Reichlin (Italy), and Geert Noels (Belgium). Can we develop a serious economic alternative for the Chinese and American model? Can we, despite the different cultures and countries we come from, find uniting ground for a European economic model? We cordially invite you to join the dialogue and submit your questions!

Can a Different Market Economy Work in Practice? Recording of the Live Cast Now Available

The recording of our live cast on whether a different market economy can work in practice (16 November) with economist Luigi Zingales and economic refomer Christian Felber is now available. The interview with Zingales and the interview with Felber, part of the episode, are also available as separate videos.

Should Love or Incentives Drive Capitalism?

Every episode of the online dialogues between visionary economists, organized as part of the Consultation, starts off with a personal reflection by one of the members of the Consultation’s Think Tank of Young Economists. This is the reflection of Eefje de Gelder at the start of the dialogue ‘Can a Different Market Economy Work in Practice?‘ (16 November).

Can A Different Market Economy Work in Practice? Tonight in Dialogue: Christian Felber & Luigi Zingales

Our guests in today’s online dialogue of the Future Markets Consultation are Christian Felber and Luigi Zingales. Felber is among others the founder of Economy for the Common Good, a social movement advocating an alternative economic model. Zingales co-developed the Financial Trust Index, designed to monitor the level of trust that Americans have toward their financial system and is critical of monopolies dominating today’s economy. Topic of discussion – you are cordially invited to join at 18.30 CET – is whether a different market economy can work in practice.

It’s Time to End Slash-and-Burn Capitalism

“We don’t need to reinvent capitalism. We just need to practice it. That means that corporations that embrace market mechanisms and decry government intervention in the good times should not change the rules when times turn tough. Privatizing profits while socializing risks isn’t capitalism: It’s rigged roulette. Equally important, practicing capitalism does not mean insisting on special treatment from government that benefits shareholders at the expense of other stakeholders. And it means treating government as the vital partner to business, one that supports the physical and social infrastructure, and the political stability, that make business possible.”


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