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How Private Equity Companies Are Lobbying to Profit from The Covid-19 Economic Fallout

“Private equity funds aren’t just seeking to save the investments they already have, but to get access to more capital to invest in a period where asset prices are quite low. They have been lobbying to have access to government lending/grant programs to small businesses and to Federal Reserve credit lines. Top private equity executives are also part of the crisis management shadow-cabinet led by Jared Kushner.”

This Is Not a Financial Crisis, So Why Should We Bailout Wall Street (Again)?

“Republican and Democratic Senators reached a deal on a $2 trillion bill to help businesses and people hit by the coronavirus outbreak. But the bill also includes slush funds to bail out market funds and guarantee trillions of dollars of risky bank debt. At the same time, millions of small and medium-sized businesses are going to have no access to cash and revenue freezes, because of the pandemic and economic restrictions.”

The Devil Is in the Detail When It Comes to Responsible Investing

“Civil society organisations, academics and journalists have begun questioning whether responsible investment can bring about the level and pace of change required to enable an inclusive climate change transition. They are also highlighting the high risk of greenwashing – when companies set ambitious climate goals but have no plans for how to get there. To better understand whether the financial industry is really shifting, we looked to South Africa, a country with a leading regulatory framework for responsible investment.

How Investors Have Reacted to the Business Roundtable Statement

“When the U.S. Business Roundtable announced that it was redefining the purpose of a corporation to accommodate a broader group of stakeholders – extending beyond shareholders to include employees, customers, suppliers and communities – the stock market didn’t seem to react. […] It made me wonder: What are shareholders thinking about this new direction? What about the professional investors who manage their assets?”

Quantitative Greening

“In the years since the signing of the Paris climate agreement, many of the world’s central banks and leading financial regulatory authorities have started to create new tools to assess and manage climate-related financial risks. Behind these efforts is a shared realization: there can be no climate stability without financial stability.”


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