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The Future of Europe’s Capitalism – Podcast with Dirk Bezemer

In this podcast Annick van Rinsum speaks with Dirk Bezemer, professor of Economics, member of the Sustainable Finance Lab, and author of the book Een Land van Kleine Buffers [‘A Country of Small Buffers’, in Dutch]. They talk about the difference between the Rhinelandic and the Anglo-Saxon capitalist models and their effect on socio-economic outcomes, about whether there is a uniquely European capitalism at the world stage and the need to(re-)define it, and about the role of economists as social scientist to address the challenges that the future brings. This episode of the podcast series by Pakhuis de Zwijger forms the closure of a series of online dialogues that we organized with them over the past couple of months on the future of capitalism in Europe.

Reimagining Capitalism for a Broken World

“More than half of the world’s population believe capitalism is doing more harm than good. But is it beyond repair, or can it be fixed from within? Harvard Business School professor Rebecca Henderson joins Azeem Azhar to share her vision of purpose-driven capitalism, where companies can make good profits by doing the right thing. They also explore:

  • Why strong government and civil society are fundamental for healthy capitalism.
  • Why highly-rated ESG companies have proved to be more profitable and resilient.
  • The flaw in relying on a few philanthropists to fund public services.”

Why “Essential” Workers Are Treated as Disposable

“Grocery store clerks. Fast-food cashiers. Hospice care workers. Bus drivers. Farmworkers. […] We call them heroes, we label them ‘essential,’ and we clap for their brave efforts — even though none of them signed up for this monumental task, and many of them lack basic health care, paid sick leave, a living wage, cultural respect, and dignified working conditions. This conversation on The Ezra Klein Show asks: How did things get this way? Why did we end up with an economy that treats our most essential workers as disposable? And what does an alternative future of work look like?”

How Chobani Wins in Business While Giving Back

“Corporate social responsibility has become an increasingly well-known phrase, both in the boardroom and in the public discourse. But Chobani President Peter McGuinness points out that many companies embark on ‘social good’ initiatives primarily motivated by the impact on their brand image — only to be seen as cynical by customers. Simultaneously, a brand’s accountability to shareholders does not vanish when it holds itself accountable to society. McGuinness explains that the new challenge for modern brands is to create a vision that is sustainable both economically and morally.”

Capitalisn’t in a New Episode on the Gig Economy

“Companies like Uber, Lyft, and Doordash have brought the term “gig economy” into our lexicon. But what is the gig economy, really? In the episode of their podcast, Kate Waldock and Luigi Zingales debate the pros, cons, and myths of the gig economy. For curious listeners, a list of the articles and papers discussed in this episode.”


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