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The Ethics of Ordering Non-Essential Items Inline during the Coronavirus Lockdown

Part 17 of 20 in series "COVID-19 crisis"

“Most of us would likely agree that ordering essential items, such as food or medicine, is ethically acceptable. […] But what about goods that are not absolutely necessary, such as clothing that is wanted but not needed, home decor, toys and games, garden furniture and accessories, beauty products or even, depending on your view on the matter, the humble Easter egg?”

Capitalism’s Triple Crisis

“After the 2008 financial crisis, we learned the hard way what happens when governments flood the economy with unconditional liquidity, rather than laying the foundation for a sustainable and inclusive recovery. Now that an even more severe crisis is underway, we must not repeat the same mistake”, writes economist Mariana Mazzucato.

The Philosopher-for-Hire Who Says Meaningful Work Is an Illusion

“Even for someone like Elon Musk, meaningful work is a logical impossibility. This is the sort of thing Taggart discusses with his ‘conversation partners’ […] To get us on the right track, he’s been raising awareness, in lectures among other things, about ‘Total Work,’ the idea that today’s society shapes us not into reflective and civic-minded citizens but into Workers, people who live to be productive.”

The Covid-19-Induced Crisis and Three Inversions of Neoliberalism

Part 11 of 20 in series "COVID-19 crisis"

“the Covid-19 crisis-laden political discourse of the present reveals to us the essence of neoliberalism as a social order founded on a series of inversions. At least three of these are suddenly identifiable in their re-inversion presently. (1) There is no such thing as individuals, there are collectivities and there is society. […] (2) If neoliberals truly understood economics they wouldn’t be neoliberals. […] (3) There is an alternative.”

Capitalism Is the Elephant in the COVID19 Isolation Room

Part 10 of 20 in series "COVID-19 crisis"

“The materialist analysis of the coronavirus pandemic conducted here suggests that now that the Covid particle has become part of the global capitalist market-assemblage, there is no way to resolve both public health and economic crises in parallel. […] The alternative is to re-engineer the social and economic relations of the economy. It is unrealistic to imagine the wholesale abandonment of global capitalism any time soon, and it is unclear what might be put in its place. But there are some measures that can mitigate the way a virus such as Covid19 can spread.”

The Private Sector Is Key to Vanquishing the Virus – and Winning the Peace

Part 9 of 20 in series "COVID-19 crisis"

“As ever, there will be a chorus of collectivists who claim this crisis demonstrates the limits of the market and the case for expanding government. Yet the lessons of history are perfectly clear: in both war and peace, the private sector is integral to a thriving economy: that will be the case during this crisis, and we must not forget it once the coronavirus is eventually vanquished.”

This Is Not a Financial Crisis, So Why Should We Bailout Wall Street (Again)?

Part 7 of 20 in series "COVID-19 crisis"

“Republican and Democratic Senators reached a deal on a $2 trillion bill to help businesses and people hit by the coronavirus outbreak. But the bill also includes slush funds to bail out market funds and guarantee trillions of dollars of risky bank debt. At the same time, millions of small and medium-sized businesses are going to have no access to cash and revenue freezes, because of the pandemic and economic restrictions.”

A Market for Values in a Troubled World

” Can we still rely on an economic system that is based on neutrality towards values, even those that are fundamental for our survival? For instance, can capitalism continue to foster the systematic depletion of natural resources and endanger biodiversity, when a recent publication by WWF Italy has highlighted the likely connections of these activities with the spread of the coronavirus? […] A market for values may seem a paradoxical concept, but it is exactly what we need to give public relevance to deeper aspects of our interconnectedness.”


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