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The Neoliberal Era Is Ending. What Comes Next?

“‘We’ve lived through a neoliberal era for the last 40 years, and that era is coming to an end,’ Sitaraman says, adding that the ideas and policies that defined the period are being challenged on various levels. What comes next depends on if we take a proactive and democratic approach to shaping the economy, or if we simply react to and ‘deal with’ market outcomes.”

We Can Build a More Inclusive Government and Economy out of the Pandemic — This Blueprint Shows Us How

“With the country facing an uncertain economic future, the University of Sydney’s Policy Lab has brought together community and climate groups, unions and business groups to identify strategies for creating a different way of making policy and building a new economy coming out of the crisis. The product is our ‘Real Deal’ report released this week.”

Toward ‘Humanomics’: Deirdre McCloskey on Honoring the World of Human Creation

“In her transformative Bourgeois Era trilogy, economist Deirdre McCloskey challenged our popular theories about the causes of our newfound economic prosperity, arguing that it sprung not from new systems, tools, or materials, but rather the ideas, virtues, and rhetoric behind them. […] Now, in a new paper, “How Growth Happens”, McCloskey aims to summarize and distill ‘the core economics and economic history’ from that same trilogy, while adding some new ideas and rhetorical upgrades along the way.”

Too Far Right and Left? DC Think Tank Releases Manifesto for Radical Centrism

“Niskanen Center, a Washington think tank, argues for avoiding the extremes of political positions. The analysts propose that both a regulated free market and bolstered social insurance programs are important. If we don’t correct course soon, the American political system may never recover, warn the authors.”

You can read the full paper here.

Mobilising the Social Sciences to Rethink Finance

“What needs to be promoted, ten years after the financial crisis, is how the social sciences can be used collectively to develop a new conception of finance. What follows is based on the book we have just published, The Making of Finance: Perspectives from the Social Sciences. We present the wealth of social studies of finance and reveal the fabric of the financial system, with the aim of contributing to the democratisation of knowledge in this field.”

The Compelling Case for Greater Economic Freedom

“This morning, the Fraser Institute, a Canadian think tank, published the 22nd edition of its annual Economic Freedom of the World (EFW) report. For a long time, we’ve known that, on average, freer economies are richer, grow faster and have longer life expectancies. But the 2018 edition of the EFW gives us more insight than ever before into the intrinsic link between economic freedom and other measures of human wellbeing — such as infant mortality, equality, happiness and extreme poverty rates.”


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