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‘Two Hundred Years Back, One Hundred Years Ahead: From One Revolution to Another’

Two hundred years ago, a seemingly megalomaniac and even hopeless project was started in the West: overcoming poverty by creating more prosperity. This project was called “Progress”. Two hundred years later we can only conclude that this project was more successful than we could have anticipated. However, this project also has some serious shadow sides. As humanity we have to start a new, at first sight almost equally megalomaniac project for the next hundred years: making our prosperity sustainable.

Explainer: What Is Surveillance Capitalism and How Does It Shape Our Economy?

Want to know what ‘surveillance capitalism’ is? This article explains!
“Surveillance capitalism describes a market driven process where the commodity for sale is your personal data, and the capture and production of this data relies on mass surveillance of the internet. This activity is often carried out by companies that provide us with free online services, such as search engines (Google) and social media platforms (Facebook).”

The Sharing Economy Was Dead on Arrival

“In their early stages, these startups promised that their services would heal a society ravaged by out-of-control consumerism, restore authentic communal bonds, reduce carbon emissions and other environmental impacts, and finally replace the outmoded hierarchies of corporate life with new, networked economic structures where everyone could be their own boss. But the good intentions of yesteryear soon evaporated to reveal a markedly different reality. […] Why didn’t we see it coming? How did sharing economy companies manage to evade scrutiny for so long? Answering that question requires tracing the origins of the idea of the sharing economy.”

How Much Is an Hour Worth? The War over the Minimum Wage

To dictate how much a company must pay its workers is to tinker with the beating heart of the employer-employee relationship, a central component of life under capitalism. This is why the dispute over these laws and their effects – which has raged for decades – is so acrimonious: it is ultimately a clash between competing visions of politics and economics.


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