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Debate Series on Sustainable & Just Free Markets with Nobel Prize Winners Joseph Stiglitz & Mohammad Yunus

On September 21, researchers from four Dutch universities will start an international consultation that will investigate the options for a sustainable and just free market in Europe. Central part of the consultation is a series of live casts on “The Future of Capitalism” with internationally renowned economists, including Nobel Prize winners Joseph Stiglitz and Mohammad Yunus. The series is organized in collaboration with Dutch debating center Pakhuis de Zwijger. Under the leadership of former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, ideas from the consultation will be bundled in a report that will be published in 2021. [Press Release]

A Joyful Economy – Why Do We Work So Hard?

Part [part not set] of 1 in series "The Future of the Market Economy - Lecture Series"

The free market economy is, whether we want it or not, a central aspect of our lives. The bad side effects – like burnouts, the growing gap between rich and poor and climate change – start to become clearer. So to which end do we have this free market economy? Why do we work so hard? Can’t we just work fifteen hours a week like Keynes once predicted? A lecture organized by Moral Markets in collaboration with Studium Generale of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Rethinking Economics; 5 TEDx Talks (and 4 Books)

Part [part not set] of 10 in series "TEDx Talks on the Ethics of Business & Economics"

Five TEDx talks by economists who want to change how we view the economy. The first challenges the assumption of ‘homo economicus’, the second critizises the fetishisation of economic growth, the third discusses happiness as the ultimate purpose of our economy, the fourth developed a ‘common good balance sheet’ to assess the contribution of companies, and the fifth developed a doughnut-shaped alternative view on economics.

Economic Growth; 4 TEDx Talks

Part [part not set] of 10 in series "TEDx Talks on the Ethics of Business & Economics"

Four TEDx talks by scholars specialized in sustainability & economics / ecological economics. One of them thinks the economy can keep growing, one of them challenges the possibility of green growth, one sketches policy solutions and one encourages reflection on what prosperity is.

Market Rules: A Discussion on the US Banking System with Professor Mark H. Rose

“The US banking system includes a few giant “financial supermarket” institutions and thousands of small community banks. This unique structure has been shaped by more than a century of political dealmaking. In his new book, Market Rules: Bankers, Presidents, and the Origins of the Great Recession (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018), Mark Rose discusses the politics that have shaped the banking system. From political battles fought to overturn federal Glass-Steagall Depression-era restrictions and state prohibitions against branching to more recent postcrisis fights to repeal Dodd-Frank regulations, Dr. Rose recounts the arguments, politicians, and bankers that shaped the industry over the past half century.”

The Business Case for Sustainability; 4 TEDx Talks

Part [part not set] of 10 in series "TEDx Talks on the Ethics of Business & Economics"

Four TEDx talks making the business case for sustainable production, one from a pioneering CEO trying to produce climate-neutral carpet, three from investment managers / strategists all agreeing that companies who perform better on sustainability also perform better financially.

Capitalism: In Search of An Alternative

The financial crisis, the Occupy movement, Brexit and the ongoing discussions about the rising economic inequality have caused a decline in enthusiasm about capitalism as the one and only system. Is capitalism a sustainable economic system? Giacomo Corneo, professor of Social Policy and Public Finance at the Free University of Berlin, proposes to gradually transform the current economic system so as to share prosperity and foster democratic participation. A video of a lecture and debate about Corneo’s book Is Capitalism Obsolete? A Journey through Alternative Economic Systems.


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