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What Really Matters in Markets – Recording of the Live Cast Now Available

The recording of our live cast on ‘what really matters in markets’ (21 September) with economist Joseph Stiglitz and politician Herman Van Rompuy is now available. The interview with Joseph Stiglitz and the interview with Herman Van Rompuy, part of the episode, are also available as separate videos. Plus a short summary of the discussion by Eefje de Gelder, coordinator of the consultation process.

The Future of Capitalism; A Series of Online Dialogues

Through a series of ten public online dialogues we will explore solutions and bring together researchers from around the world to rethink capitalism. How can the freedom and innovative potential of free markets be squared with the requirements of ecological sustainability and social justice as well as inclusiveness? Speakers include Elizabeth Anderson, Paul Collier, Joseph Stiglitz, Mohammed Yunus and Luigi Zingales (and others). Join us for this series of online events from September to November 2020.

What Really Matters in Markets – Livecast 21 Sept 18:30 CET

In this dialogue we explore what the big challenges are for the long term future of the (European) market economy/economies. What are the key problems with today’s capitalism and what is needed for a change toward a new form of capitalism/market economies, that are both humanly and ecologically sustainable? Is there a possibility for a distinct European model of capitalism, that can meet these demands? With Joseph Stiglitz and Herman Van Rompuy.

Think Big Pharma Won’t Profiteer in the Race to Treat Coronavirus? Think Again

“Rosie Collington […] has studied how major insulin manufacturing companies jack up prices in order to line the pockets of shareholders, leaving many diabetics at risk of kidney failure, blindness, and even death if they can’t afford to pony up. Amid the Covid-19 crisis, some are hoping pharmaceutical companies can stop prioritizing profits over human life and redeem themselves following decades of abuses ranging from price gouging to tax dodging. […] In the following interview, Collington explores what’s at stake”

Sweatshops Aren’t Going to Last Forever

“Brands like Gap and H&M have long been able to shop around for outsourced suppliers, driving sweatshop conditions in newly industrializing countries. But their rising dependence on large, centralized suppliers is undermining the bases of the sweatshop model — and increasing workers’ power to fight for improvements.” – interview with Ashok Kumar, author of Monopsony Capitalism; Power and Production in the Twilight of the Sweatshop Age (Cambridge University Press, 2020)


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