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Purpose Driven Companies Are Winners

“Companies that look beyond the bottom line often earn more money and garner greater affinity with customers in the long run. This is the argument that scholar Caterina Bulgarella makes in her September column “Purpose-driven companies evolve faster than others” for Forbes. Purpose-driven companies that frame their goals on the lines of transforming peoples’ lives will not only achieve more sales, but have greater impact on consumers in the long run.”

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The Scale of the Climate Catastrophe Will Depend on What Businesses Do Over the Next Decade

“With a few exceptions, most companies are only doing the things that pay off in traditional return-on-investment terms — for example, when solar and wind get cheap enough, they buy it. Really sticking to the latest science, however, requires an accelerating pace of carbon reduction. So, let me suggest four somewhat uncomfortable actions that companies must take to truly shake things up and accelerate climate action.”

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Female Corporate Leaders Make Firms Less Likely to Fall Foul of Environmental Laws

“Companies with more gender-balanced boards are less often sued for breaching environmental laws, suggesting that these companies are more mindful of protecting the environment. That is the key finding of my research, published in the Journal of Corporate Finance.”

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What Is Corporate Social Responsibility – And Does It Work?

“CSR now means that many corporations now legally have to comply with particular social disclosure legislation.[…] So now that compulsory CSR has been around in some countries for a few years, do they actually work? I have been researching whether CSR actually advances corporate social transparency and accountability as expected.”

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Conscious Stock Picking

“When my brother, Tom, and I keynoted the 2012 Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit, I told the room of 200 CEOs that I was going to pick a basket of 12 conscious, purpose-driven business’ stocks for 2012. […] But, here’s the kicker: instead of being backward-looking, I said let’s watch them going forward from here to see if they outperform their more traditional, bottom-line-driven competitors over time.”

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How Corporate Social Responsibility Projects Can Be Derailed

“Big companies operating in developing countries often use corporate social responsibility initiatives to position themselves as development agents and friends of the host communities. But in places like South Africa – and within the mining sector in particular – initiatives aren’t achieving the objectives they were designed to meet.”

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