Too Far Right and Left? DC Think Tank Releases Manifesto for Radical Centrism

“Niskanen Center, a Washington think tank, argues for avoiding the extremes of political positions. The analysts propose that both a regulated free market and bolstered social insurance programs are important. If we don’t correct course soon, the American political system may never recover, warn the authors.”

You can read the full paper here.

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Business Leaders Must Make the Moral Case for Free Markets

“Both Labour and Conservative politicians seem trapped by the prevailing wisdom that dictates that there needs to be more regulation and increased government spending and control of the economy. Few politicians are putting forward policies that suggest they believe that freedom and free markets really matter for prosperity and the quality of life.”

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13 Illustrations of the Benevolence of Capitalism

“By the ‘benevolent nature of capitalism,’ I mean the fact that it promotes human life and well-being and does so for everyone. There are many such insights, which have been developed over more than three centuries, by a series of great thinkers, ranging from John Locke to Ludwig von Mises and Ayn Rand. I present as many of them as I can in my book Capitalism. I’m going to briefly discuss about a dozen or so of these insights that I consider to be the most important”

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Capitalism is Killing the World’s Wildlife Populations, not ‘Humanity’

“The latest Living Planet report from the WWF makes for grim reading […] Although the WWF report comes close to finding the words by identifying culture, economics, and unsustainable production models as the key problems, it fails to name capitalism as the crucial (and often causal) link between these things. It therefore prevents us from seeing the true nature of the problem. If we don’t name it, we can’t tackle it: it’s like aiming at an invisible target.”

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In the Wake of Socialism, Venezuela’s Black-Market Capitalists Meet Community Needs

“The Venezuelan people continue to struggle and suffer under the weight of severe socialist policies—facing increased poverty and hunger, swelling suicide rates, and widespread social unrest. Yet even as its president admits to a nationwide economic emergency, the government continues to celebrate the very drivers behind the collapse, blaming low oil prices and ‘global capitalism,’ instead. Meanwhile, amid the turmoil and desperation, Venezuela’s local capitalism is beginning to emerge as a solution to the woes of socialism.”

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How Shareholder Profits Conquered Capitalism – And How Workers Can Win back Its Benefits for Themselves

“Following the growth of the labour movement, the establishment of trade unions and the founding of the welfare state in the first half of the 20th century, corporations in decades after World War II embraced a more open, stakeholder capitalism, where profits were shared between employees, managers and shareholders. […] But since the 1970s the pendulum has swung back towards a system where profits are shared less widely, causing major upheavals in society and the fortunes of labour and the middle classes.”

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How to Reconnect Young People with Capitalism

“So, let’s accept one thing upfront: capitalism, based within a free-market system, is flawed and often undermined by vested interests. Yet, despite these imperfections, it soars far above any other solution invented in the history of man to bring health, wealth, and happiness. And its respect for personal autonomy, freedom, and empowerment is second to none. Yet, the zeitgeist seems against it. One group particularly sceptical of its transformational capabilities is the young.”

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