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Towards a New Market Economy in Europe for Future Generations – Essay Contest

How can the freedom and innovative potential of free markets be squared with the requirements of ecological sustainability, social justice & inclusiveness? That is the question that the Future Markets Consultation will investigate in the fall of 2020. As part of the consultation, an essay contest for students and young scholars will be organized. Deadline to submit an essay is 30 November 2020.

The Great Transformation — 75 Years Later

“The International Sociological Association magazine Global Dialogue organized with the International Karl Polanyi Society a symposium to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Polanyi’s magnum opus. Authors of path-breaking books about Polanyi’s life and work, such as Fred Block, Gareth Dale, and Margaret R. Somers, and other scholars cover a wide range of topics, from a reflection on the context which was of relevance for The Great Transformation to the analysis of socio-economic and political developments of the last decades through Polanyi’s perspectives.”

Markets for Collective Concerns, Market Failures, and Policy-making – New Special Issue

“Markets – or some of the features attributed to markets, such as choice, competition and price – started to be purposely introduced as means to solve pressing collective problems or concerns. Markets became instruments of policy in areas such as health care, public transport, education and environmental pollution. Such markets are the focus of a special issue of Economy & Society we co-edited, titled “Markets for Collective Concerns and their Failures”.”

Acton Mini-Grants on Free Market Economics

The Mini-Grants on Free Market Economics: Research & Teaching program of the Acton Institute continues for the upcoming 2020 academic year and the application is now live. This grant program is intended to enhance the effectiveness in the research and teaching of market economics for faculty at colleges, universities, and seminaries in the United States and Canada.

The Soul of Economics – Call for Papers

This conference will bring together economists, philosophers of economics, sociologists of economics, and historians of economics to identify the major debates that economists have opened or re-opened in the aftermath of the crisis. The aim of the conference is to provide a platform for reflecting further on such debates and to better understand where the soul-searching could constructively lead us in the future. Abstracts can be submitted the latest by June 16, 2019. Authors will be notified the latest by July 15, 2019.


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