By Roger Bootle

The Trouble with Markets; Saving Capitalism from Itself
Editions:Paperback: £ 22.00
ISBN: 9781857885583
Pages: 305
ISBN: 9781857889888

The latest financial crisis is explained in a historical context in The Trouble with Markets. The Great Depression and other periods of economic downturn are investigated and exposed, as Roger Bootle walks readers through the roles of regulators and bankers, and blames financial crisis on the idea that markets can be left alone.

About Roger Bootle

Roger BootleAccording to Wikipedia Roger Bootle "is a British economist and a weekly columnist for The Daily Telegraph. He is the chairman of Capital Economics, an independent macroeconomic research consultancy. He and Capital Economics were awarded the Wolfson Economics Prize in 2012."

Reviews:Christopher Cook on Financial Times wrote:

"This is a rather conventional account, but what really marks this book out is the admirable care that Bootle has taken to address concerns that a reader who is new to the topic might have. He answers popular worries, for example, about the global role of the dollar and the political influence of Goldman Sachs. He includes a section on relevant historical precedents for our current conundrum, and the oft-cited arguments that swirl around them. [...] The book does not set out to change the way the specialist reader will consider the crisis. But The Trouble with Markets is an excellent potted explanation for the general reader of the events that led up to what Bootle calls the “Great Implosion”, and is a clear and cogent guide to the problems – and the solutions – that lie ahead."

Table of Contents

Part I - The Great Implosion

  1. How on Earth Did We Get Here?
  2. Double Dip or Another Great Depression?
  3. From Inflation to Deflation - and Back Again?

Part II - The Trouble with Markets

  1. Where Markets Work Well - and Where They Don't
  2. Why Financial Markets Fail
  3. The Chinese Connection
  4. The Sovereign Debt Crisis

Part III - From Implosion to Recovery

  1. How the World Can Get Out of This Mess
  2. Saving Capitalism from Itself
  3. How You Can Survive the Downturn - and Prosper in the Recovery
  • Conclusion: The Future of Capitalism
  • The Trouble with the Euro