By Michael Novak

Cover of the spirit of democratic capitalism
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"The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism examines the relationship between capitalism, socialism, and religion, and argues that the benefits of capitalism need not be bought at the price of spiritual values."

Reviews:Tomy W. Rogers on FEE wrote:

"The author must be credited with a major achievement. He set for himself the task of articulating a moral theory and a theological base for the implicit ideals of democratic capitalism. His success is to have made a credible, compelling, intellectually solid and theoretically sound presentation of the political economy of the free society. He shows it to be the spiritually and morally commendable alternative to the collective and compulsive ethic of socialism."

Samuel Mccracken on Commentary Magazine wrote:

"One need not share Novak’s religious perspective on capitalism to find this book a stunning achievement, but those who have hitherto preferred socialism on religious, or indeed on purely ethical, grounds must now face an argument of immense weight—and one produced by a former fellow believer."

About Michael Novak

According to Wikipedia "Michael Novak (September 9, 1933 – February 17, 2017) was an American Catholic philosopher, journalist, novelist, and diplomat. The author of more than forty books on the philosophy and theology of culture, Novak is most widely known for his book The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism (1982). In 1993 Novak was honored with an honorary doctorate degree at Universidad Francisco Marroquín due to his commitment to the idea of liberty. In 1994 he was awarded the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion, which included a million-dollar purse awarded at Buckingham Palace. He wrote books and articles focused on capitalism, religion, and the politics of democratization."

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Capitalism, Socialism and Religion - An Inquiry into the Spiritual Wealth of Nations  (The Historical Achievements of Democratic Capitalism /From Practice to Theory)
  • 1. The Ideal of Democratic Capitalism (What is Democratic Capitalism? / Pluralism / Emergent Probability / Sin / Providence and Practical Wisdom / Community / The Communitarian Individual / The Family / Continuous Revolution )
  • 2. The Twilight of Socialism (The Transformation of Socialism / Socialism a Highmindedness / Income Distribution and Race / The Transnational Corporation)
  • 3. A Theology of Economics (The Catholic Anti-Capitalist Tradition / Christian Socialism in Europe / Guilt for Third World Poverty / Liberation Theology / A Theology of Development: Latin America / From Marxism to Democratic Capitalism / A Theology of Democratic Capitalism)