Edited by Jacob Dahl Rendtorff

Power and Principle in the Market Place; On Ethics and Economics
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ISBN: 9781138260832
Pages: 302
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ISBN: 9781409407171
Pages: 302
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ISBN: 9781315601786
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In the global financial crisis, the need to develop a new kind of economy with a closer relation between ethics and economics has become an important challenge to the international society. Power and Principle in the Market Place contributes to this debate by investigating different aspects of global business ethics and corporate social responsibility which are becoming more and more important in the ongoing discussions on the relation between market institutions and democratic governments.

The different chapters of the book deal with fundamental philosophical issues of the ethics of the market economy, including discussions of the role of the social sciences and economics in contributing to a sustainable economics and global responsibility in the twenty-first century. In this sense, the book takes up the transnational debate on ethics and economics in order to contribute to a more balanced, fair, just and conscientious development in the world.

The book starts with a European perspective on these issues, based on philosophical, sociological and economic views from Europe. These views are further developed in order to share thoughts of how to improve corporate social responsibility, welfare and justice, and the advancement of ethical principles in the international context. It is argued that in the international community, good corporate citizenship as social and environmental responsibility is realized through individual and organizational cosmopolitan responsibility for fostering the common good for humanity.

The chapters of the book were originally presented at a conference in Copenhagen, organized together with the German Cultural Institute - the Goethe Institute of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School and Roskilde University, Denmark.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction (Jacob Dahl Rendtorff)
  2. Ethical Economy and Business Ethics: On the Relationships between Ethics and Economics (Peter Koslowski)
  3. Value Generalization - Limitations and Possibilities of a Communication about Values (Hans Joas)
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility, Economic Optimality and the Interests of the Poor (Niels Koergard)
  5. Stakeholders, Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Markets (Maria Bonnafous-Boucher)
  6. Economics and Ethics: How to Combine Ethics and Self-Interest (Cristoph Luetge)
  7. Business Ethics between Politics, Ethics and Economics (Jacob Dahl Rendtorff)
  8. Developing Durability: A Re-Examination of Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility (Guler Aras and David Crowther)
  9. Global Principles (as)(or) Ethical Responsiveness: The Case of Sustainability Rhetoric (Mollie Painter-Morland)
  10. Society's Constitution and Corporate Legitimacy, or Why it Might Be Unethical for Business Leaders to Think with Their Heart (Susanne Holmstrom)
  11. Hide and Seek in the Dark - On the Inherent Ambiguity of CSR (Ole Thyssen)
  12. "Ethics of Sensitivity" - Toards a New Work Ethics: New Age in Business Life (Kirsten Marie Bovbjerg)
  13. Public-Private Development of CSR on the International Stage: Reflexivity and Legitimacy (Karin Buhmann)
  14. Business and Poverty - Bridges and Divides (Michael Blowfield)
  15. The Ethical Moment: Ethics and Economy in Public Administration (Ove K. Pedersen)
  16. On Witnessing Global Ethics: A Case of International Health Research Involving Human Subjects (Janet L. Borgerson)
  17. The Cosmopolitan Story (Peter Kemp)
  18. Conclusion: Outline of an Epistemological Methodology for Integrating Ethics and Economics (Jacob Dahl Rendtorff)