By Jacob Field

Is Capitalism Working? A Primer for the 21st Century
Editions:Paperback: € 14.80
ISBN: 9780500293676
Pages: 144

Since the near-meltdown of the world economy in 2008, capitalism has been in crisis. Is it time to call time on a system that continues to destabilize the world economy? Have the deregulation and free-trade policies of the last forty neoliberal years made capitalism toxic? Is Capitalism Working? presents the benefits and disadvantages of capitalism in all its forms in an engaging way and asks if there is a viable alternative.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Capitalism Evolved
  3. How Modern Capitalism Works
  4. Capitalism in Crisis
  5. Adapting the Capitalist Model
  6. Conclusion

About Jacob Field

Jacob FieldJacob Field, a research associate at the University of Cambridge, is the author of four history books, including London, Londoners, and the Great Fire of 1666. In his academic work he is particularly interested in the economic and social history of England from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries. In addition, he is interested in how societies respond to disaster, the history of migration, and transport networks.