By Vedat Akgiray

Good Finance; Why We Need a New Concept of Finance
Editions:Paperback: € 16.99 EUR
ISBN: 9781529200003
Pages: 162

Anyone can tell you that a healthy diet is essential to maintaining good health. In this guidebook toward a more equitable future, Akgiray pinpoints “good finance” as the essential ingredient for social and economic wellness at the national level. Good Finance presents a timely critique of extreme financialization, of the economics profession’s flawed modelling approach, and the continuing blind faith in the efficient market hypothesis. Outlining the causes of financial crises and their socioeconomic effects, this book offers a clear platform for revising our current big-picture financial concepts so that they can better serve a greater swath of society.

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About Vedat Akgiray

Vedat AkgirayVedat Akgiray is professor of finance and director of the Center for Corporate Governance at Bogazici University, Turkey.


Table of Contents of Good Finance

  1. A Short Story of Finance
  2. Gender and the Politics of the Public Sphere (Size of the Industry / Too Much Debt / Too Little Equity / Bad Derivatives / Complexity of the System / Resistance to Change / State of the World Today)
  3. Good Finance (Brief Politics of Household Debt / Corporate Choice between Debt and Equity / The Growing Spiral of Debt / Financial Regulation and Banking / Known Risks and New Uncertainties / Financial Education and Literacy)
  4. Final Words