By John Hendry

Ethics and Finance; An Introduction
Editions:Paperback: € 27.95
ISBN: 9781107612488
Pages: 320
Hardcover: € 74.96
ISBN: 9781107024229
Pages: 318

Ethics and Finance: An Introduction provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the ethical issues raised by modern finance. Drawing carefully on ethical theory and with frequent use of case studies, it includes an analysis of the global financial system and its regulation and control, as well as a detailed analysis of the financial crisis. Chapters on specific areas of finance practice cover all the major financial scandals of recent times, from misselling to market manipulation and from insider trading to bankers' bonuses, as well as much more positive developments. From micro finance to derivatives trading, the book provides a careful and balanced treatment designed to help finance students and practitioners approach this sensitive topic in a thoughtful and constructive way. No prior knowledge of ethics or finance is required, and the book will be invaluable to students, finance teachers, practitioners and regulators.

  • A clear and comprehensive guide to some of the most contentious ethical aspects of modern finance
  • Features examples and boxed case studies, including a detailed study of the 2008 financial crisis
  • Includes worked examples of the application of ethics, combined with examples left open for class discussion

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Table of Contents of Ethics and Finance

  1. Opening case study: the financial crisis
  2. Introduction
  3. Ethical foundations
  4. The financial system
  5. Lending and borrowing: where finance meets ordinary people
  6. Trading and speculation: the ethics of financial markets
  7. Agency and accountability: managing other people's money
  8. Products, promotion and client relationships
  9. Financial reporting and corporate governance
  10. Epilogue: the ethics of financial regulation