By Christian Felber

Change Everything; Creating an Economy for the Common Good
Part of the books by Christian Felber series:
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ISBN: 9781786997463
Pages: 272
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The new and updated edition of the landmark book (2015) that has sold over 100k copies worldwide and sparked a global economic movement.

Is it possible for businesses to have a bottom line that is not profit and endless growth, but human dignity, justice, sustainability and democracy? Or an alternative economic model that is untainted by the greed and crises of current financial systems? Christian Felber says it is. Moreover, in Change Everything he shows us how.

In this new and updated edition of Change Everything, the book that sparked a global movement, Christian Felber proposes a blueprint for an economics of everybody: ethical, dignified, sustainable and principled. He shows that an Economy for the Common Good is not just an idea, but has already become a broad international movement with thousands of people, companies, communities and organizations participating, developing and implementing it.


Reviews:Jim Wright on Peace News wrote:

"Christian Felber and his associates have created 'The Economy for the Common Good', a utopian vision of society based on community values where altruism is rewarded and political and economic power returned to the people. In Change Everything Felber lays out a plan for this new society, based on the idea that 'all econonic activity should serve the common good'. Success would be measured not just financially, but with social measures, and Felber lays out a structure for how this could happen. In Felber's new society, financial success could not be achieved without social success, measured by the community. [...] Felber describes a number of means that would be used to rejig society to pursue common goals, including the creation of a 'universal balance sheet' – structures for measuring social contributions, and for auditing enterprises. Anyone familiar with the 'systematic planning process' or 'holistic management' will find the techniques presented here familiar. While he would acknowledge that achieving an Economy of the Common Good requires implementation on a national or a world scale, Felber's colleagues and supporters have begun to create small-scale enterprises based on the principles of the movement, with experiments in several countries. He also acknowledges that his plan is not the only possible way forward, but a starting point that can be built on, as its implementation meets new and exciting challenges. Though it sometimes reads like an EU policy document, its central idea is intriguing enough to pull one through."

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Table of Contents of Change Everything

  1. A broken system
  2. Defining the economy for the common good
  3. The democratic bank
  4. Property
  5. Motivation and meaning
  6. Advancing democracy
  7. Real world examples
  8. Putting it into practice
  • Appendix 1 - Frequently asked questions
  • Appendix 2 - Facts, figures and a twenty-point summary

About Christian Felber

Christian Felber is an Austrian alternative economist and university lecturer. He is an internationally renowned speaker, author of several award-winning bestsellers and a regular commentator on ethics, business and economics in various media. He co-founded the NGO Attac Austria and initiated the Economy for the Common Good as well as the planned Bank for the Common Good, which will be Austria's first ethical finance institute.