By Edward Skidelsky & Robert Skidelsky (editors)

"Are Markets Moral? scrutinizes the functionality of a capitalist market society, which is usually praised for the efficiency and dynamism, rather than for its morality. It addresses the dualism behind capitalism's encouragement of greed, which is usually considered to be a moral failing, while also being a driver behind economic growth."

Table of contents

  • Introduction (Edward & Robert Skidelsky)
  • Restraining Insatiability (Robert Skidelsky, Perry Anderson & Robert H. Frank)
  • Equality and Corruption (Steven Lukes & Glen Newey)
  • The Moral Limits of the Market (Edward Skidelsky & John Milbank)
  • The Meaning of Money (Felix Martin, Geofrey Hosking & David Graeber)

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Lecture by Robert Skidelsky


About Robert and Edward Skidelsky

  • Robert Skidelsky is a professor at the department of economics of the University of Warkick that specializes in economic history. Among others he has written a major, award-winning, three-volume biography of the economist John Maynard Keynes.
  • His son Edward Skidelsky is lecturer in philosophy at the University of Exeter. He has written essays on the ethics of capitalism, the value of happiness and the philosophical importance of the history of ideas.