Article/Blog Series: TEDx Talks on the Ethics of Business & Economics

Have you got 10 to 20 minutes left for a boost of knowledge or inspiration? Watch one of the TEDx talks that we selected for you in the area of ethics and business/economics. All videos in this series, filterable by topic, can also be found at

Series: TEDx Talks on the Ethics of Business & Economics

Rethinking Economics; 5 TEDx Talks (and 4 Books)

Five TEDx talks by economists who want to change how we view the economy. The first challenges the assumption of ‘homo economicus’, the second critizises the fetishisation of economic growth, the third discusses happiness as the ultimate purpose of our economy, the fourth developed a ‘common good balance sheet’ to assess the contribution of companies, and the fifth developed a doughnut-shaped alternative view on economics.

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Economic Growth; 4 TEDx Talks

Four TEDx talks by scholars specialized in sustainability & economics / ecological economics. One of them thinks the economy can keep growing, one of them challenges the possibility of green growth, one sketches policy solutions and one encourages reflection on what prosperity is.

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The Business Case for Sustainability; 4 TEDx Talks

Four TEDx talks making the business case for sustainable production, one from a pioneering CEO trying to produce climate-neutral carpet, three from investment managers / strategists all agreeing that companies who perform better on sustainability also perform better financially.

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