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Markets & Morality Journals

Logo Journal of Markets & MoralityJournal of Markets and Morality

The journal “seeks to bring together theologians, philosophers, economists, and other scholars for dialogue concerning the morality of the marketplace.” It appears twice per year. The two most recent issues are only accessible to subscribers, but older issues are freely available. Go to archive.

logo of Rationality, Markets and MoralsRationality, Markets and Morals

RMM “offers a forum to all scholars interested in problems at the intersection of philosophy and economics” and its scope includes “issues concerning the common foundations of both disciplines as, for instance, in the theory of rational decision making.”  The journal appeared between 2009 and 2015.  Go to archive

Interdisciplinary Economics Journals

economics & philosophy journal coverEconomics & Philosophy

Topics include the methodology and epistemology of economics, the foundations of decision theory and game theory, the nature of rational choice in general, historical work on economics with a philosophical purpose, ethical issues in economics, the use of economic techniques in ethical theory, and many other subjects.” Go to archive

Forum for Social Economics

The journal “is committed to the development of social economics as a values-based, complex and policy-oriented science in the service of the common good.” It publishes articles on “a) the central socioeconomic problems of our age […], b) alternative measures and perspectives of socioeconomic performance, social network analysis, agent-based modelling and complexity economics; c) policy issues, with the emphasis on how governance and institutional innovations can enhance coordination, cooperation, performance, justice, equity and trust for the common good.”  Search this journal

Politics, Philosophy & Economics

PPE “aims to bring moral, economic and political theory to bear on the analysis, justification and criticism of political and economic institutions and public policies, addressing matters such as constitutional design, property rights, distributive justice, the welfare state, egalitarianism, morals of the market, democratic socialism, and the evolution of norms.Browse its volumes

EJPE logoErasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics

EJPE aims to “publish high quality original research on the intersection of philosophy and economics” and “support the inter-disciplinary development of the field with critical survey papers covering ongoing debates and information about relevant publications.Search its archives

international journal of social economicsInternational Journal of Social Economics

Social economics focuses on the relationship between social action and economies, and examines how social and ethical norms influence the behavior of economic agents. It is inescapably normative and focuses on needs, rather than wants or preferences, and considers the wellbeing of individuals in communities: it accepts the possibility of a common good rather than conceiving of communities as merely aggregates of individual preferences and the problems of economics as coordinating those preferences.” Go to archives

Socio-Economic Review

Devoted to the advancement of socio-economics, it deals with the analytical, political and moral questions arising at the intersection between economy and society. Articles in SER explore how the economy is or should be governed by social relations, institutional rules, political decisions, and cultural values. They also consider how the economy in turn affects the society of which it is part, for example by breaking up old institutional forms and giving rise to new ones.” Search this journal

Business Ethics & CSR Journals

logo of the Business Ethics Network of AfricaAfrican Journal of Business Ethics

This journal “was established in 2005 with the express purpose of promoting business ethics scholarship on the African continent“, based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Search its archive

Business Ethics Quarterly

The journal “has published articles and reviews on a broad range of topics, including the internal ethics of business organizations, the ethics of specific business practices such as marketing, stakeholder relations, and international business, the role of business organizations in larger social, political and cultural frameworks, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and environmental ethics in business, and the ethical quality of market-based societies and relationships.Search its volumes

cover of the journal of business ethicsJournal of Business Ethics

The term ‘business’ is understood in a wide sense to include all systems involved in the exchange of goods and services, while `ethics’ is circumscribed as all human action aimed at securing a good life. Systems of production, consumption, marketing, advertising, social and economic accounting, labour relations, public relations and organisational behaviour are analysed from a moral viewpoint.Browse its volumes

Business Ethics: A European Review

This journal “focuses on original research relating to business ethics, and business society relationships, including Organizational Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Social Entrepreneurship. […] What is distinctive about this journal is that it is a well-established academic research journal which is known for its rigor and quality, yet remains at the same time accessible, readable and user-friendly.” Search this journal

international journal of corporate social responsibilityInternational Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility

This journal “offers a unique platform for the latest theoretical and empirical research and for innovative concepts for sustainable business strategies which create value for business and society (shared value). It contains best practices, literature reviews and leading foresight thinking.Search its archives