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1) The role of “Purpose” in transforming business | Cheryl Grise | TEDxOxbridge (2015)

Video description from YouTube / TEDx:

Cheryl Grise is the Global Strategy Practice Leader for EY’s Advisory Services. She is leading the development of a new kind of strategy consulting, evolving a progressive model for the rapidly changing market dynamics of the 21st century and solving complex industry challenges to help drive innovation. She has worked in a variety of leadership roles, focusing on corporate transformation for some of the world’s leading companies.

Cheryl is passionate about EY’s Purpose-Led Transformation and believes that purpose and meaning have an important role as a strategic, transformational element in business today. She jointly leads a research initiative on this subject, working with the Saïd Business School. Her research suggests that purpose, and especially purpose activation, enhances organizational agility and does so in a way that increases innovation and drives sustainable growth for businesses.”

2) Purpose in Business: Measuring What Matters | Jill Bamburg | TEDxBGI (2013)

Video description from YouTube / TEDx:

“Jill Bamburg is Dean of the MBA Program at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI), an institution offering programs focused on sustainable business. Since 1996, she has served on the board of the Positive Futures Network, publisher of YES! magazine. She has also worked in adult education (Antioch University/Seattle), high tech marketing (Aldus Corporation), and community and environmental journalism (High Country News, Jackson Hole News and Guide). She is the author of Getting to Scale: Growing Your Business without Selling Out (Berrett-Koehler, 2006). In this TEDx talk she speaks about how to measure purpose in the context of business, addressing among the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit as constraints on the ultimate objective of maximizing purpose.”

Have you watched the first two talks in this post? You will then find that the third talk below does not add much new. Or it must be the idea that the “purpose of business is to be a platform for ingenuity, creativity and prosperity.”

3) Rethinking Purpose in Business | Christian Idicula | TEDxUAlberta (2017)

Video description from YouTube / TEDx:

“As businesses evolve with our changing societies, Christian Idicula challenges us to consider the true nature of business through an evaluation of shareholder and stakeholder based models. He discusses the mutual relationships between businesses and communities and encourages us all to ask ourselves “what do we value, and how is this reflected in our work?” Christian has worked with some of the world’s most recognized companies, including award-winning campaigns with Mercedes-Benz and Dell, and the global equity research team at UBS. He is now focused on building the capacity of organizations seeking growth in times of change as a Partner at Mison Idicula, a strategy advisory firm.”

Series "TEDx Talks on the Ethics of Business & Economics":

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