cover of the white paper on business ethicsThe non-profit Ethical Systems (“Business Integrity through Research”) announces a newly-released white paper The Only Way is Ethics: Why good people do bad things and how to stop us. This resource is, they say, “a free, 44-page guide which presents research on why traditional solutions to managing ethics [in organizations] aren’t working, while also providing a set of tools and a framework to begin diagnosing your own organization alongside concrete advice for improvement.”

The Only Way is Ethics includes a foreword by Ethical Systems Founder/Director Jonathan Haidt and CEO Azish Filabi. They state in the foreword that “once you see how profoundly we are all shaped by local organizational culture, and how clueless we often are about the real causes behind our actions, you can begin to work with human psychology, adapt your processes to it, and obtain far better results.”

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