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This video discusses best practices in ethical leadership. Although the term ‘virtues’ is not explicitly mentioned, in effect the people in the video talk about the virtues that good leaders should have and how this could impact their organisation and its societal impact.

Our sub-project C investigates how virtues make free markets more conducive to human flourishing. More in particular, it asks two main questions:

  1. Virtues and vices are manifested in various styles leadership. What can we learn from social psychology and management studies about their impact on human flourishing within and through companies?
  2. What can we learn from game theory, behavioral economics and experimental economy about the influence of virtues and vices on market efficiency and human flourishing in a market context?


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Series "5 Good Markets introductory videos":

What will this new website, Moral Markets, be about? This series of posts features introductory videos on different topics on which we will publish more in the years to come. Not accidentally, these five topics align with five sub-projects of the Templeton-funded research project behind the Moral Markets website.

Articles in this series:
  1. How should we Teach Economics?
  2. How can (market) institutions stimulate virtuous corporate action?
  3. What role can virtues play in realizing human flourishing through the market?
  4. How can human flourishing be defined and operationalized?
  5. What is the ultimate goal of free markets?