Part [part not set] of 5 in series "5 Good Markets introductory videos"

This video not only explains what Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is, but also discusses the role that social/market institutions play in stimulating virtuous corporate behavior. Even ethical leaders might not guide companies towards taking corporate responsibility if their operating environment is not conducive to it.

This is what we will further investigate in sub-project D:

  • How do different aspects of economic freedom (e.g. size of government, quality of legal system and property rights, sound money, trade openness and government regulation) affect human flourishing?
  • And, more specifically, how and which type of market institutions affect or facilitate corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

We will also look into the views on virtues, free market institutions and their potential for human flourishing that exist in different cultural zones in Northern Europe, Anglo-Saxon countries and Latin Europe. How are these views related to influential discourses in economics as a science within these cultural zones?

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Series "5 Good Markets introductory videos":

What will this new website, Moral Markets, be about? This series of posts features introductory videos on different topics on which we will publish more in the years to come. Not accidentally, these five topics align with five sub-projects of the Templeton-funded research project behind the Moral Markets website.

Articles in this series:
  1. How should we Teach Economics?
  2. How can (market) institutions stimulate virtuous corporate action?
  3. What role can virtues play in realizing human flourishing through the market?
  4. How can human flourishing be defined and operationalized?
  5. What is the ultimate goal of free markets?