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Logo of the institute for new economic thinkingWe advance sound economic ideas to better serve humanity” is the slogan that this non-profit organisation prominently puts on their about / purpose page. Their aim is “changing the conversation” in the following way:

“Economists and finance professionals still promote free market fundamentalism, shrinking from drawing even obvious conclusions about the dangers of unfettered markets. Fiscal austerity and deficit reduction continue to be watchwords of both policymakers and theorists, even as global inequality increases exponentially and unemployment equals or exceeds levels of the Great Depression in many countries. Politics chokes reforms that could bring growth and relief to millions, while the many challenges of sustainable development and environmentally friendly innovation are brushed aside. Neoclassical economics fails to address these challenges, but the resistance to change is substantial — both inside the discipline and in the world at large.”

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The site of The Institute for New Economic Thinking has a lot to offer:

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