Cover of this e-book on business ethicsThe non-profit Ethical Systems (“Business Integrity through Research”) announces a new free e-book ‘Head to Head: A Conversation on Behavioral Science and Ethics‘. This resource is, they say, “is structured as a series of dialogs between Ethical Systems collaborator Jeff Kaplan and our CEO Azish Filabi on various facets of compliance and ethics work. By integrating social and behavioral science research with the core elements of effective compliance and ethics programs, Head to Head helps practitioners broaden their focus to behavior and culture in organizations, enhancing their approach to risk management.

The dialog is at various places put on hold to present a recent research article that is relevant to the discussion. These ‘research spotlights’ are on the following topics:

  • The risk of overconfidence
  • Holier than thou?
  • Conformity bias: Is misconduct contagious?
  • Does mere exposure to money bring out the bad in all of us?
  • Does power corrupt?
  • Slippery slopes
  • The counterfeit self
  • A small ethics nudge: people should sign before filling out a form
  • The whisteblower’s dilemma


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