Call for Papers

Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik (ZfWU)
(Journal for Business, Economics & Ethics)

Issue 19/2 (2018): Economic Philosophy – New Perspectives

Deadline for submissions: December 1st, 2017
Contact: Prof. Dr. Christian Neuhäuser (

Over the past years, numerous discussions about the state and the classification of the field “Economic Philosophy” (German: ‘Wirtschaftsphilosophie’) have emerged:

  • Is Economic Philosophy a stand-alone discipline?
  • Is it structured like philosophy of law, political philosophy and social philosophy?
  • In what sense does it differ from Business Ethics, Economic Sociology, or Philosophy of Economics?
  • What are the differences between the German debates and international discussions of Philosophy & Economics or Philosophy, Politics and Economics?
  • What are its systematic basics, its main subjects, and areas of application?

Since the last special issue on Philosophy of Economics was ZWFU issue 02/2004, we now ask for contributions looking at the subject from various disciplines and with new approaches. We appreciate historical, theoretical, and practical studies on the matter as well as comparative, conceptual, or programmatic contributions.

The editors of this issue are:

  • Ludger Heidbrink (Kiel University)
  • Alexander Lorch (Kiel University)
  • Christian Neuhäuser (Technical University of Dortmund)

Guidelines for contributors
Before submitting any papers, please consult the author guidelines on our website In addition to the formal and technical instructions given there, you will also find a style sheet to help you format your paper. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the editorial team.

(source: Philos-L mailing list)