We are looking for contributors to write 2000 to 2500 word case studies for a Case Book to be published by Broadview Press.

The goal for the book is to provide students with detailed case studies that explore real life ethical issues that arise in business. We have included below a list of suggested case studies and links. We are also open to proposals on similar topics.

The deadline for submission is December 1, 2017.

If you are interested in writing a case study for the new edition, please send a copy of your CV and a writing sample along with the case studies you would like to write to asager@pdx.edu.

Fritz Allhoff and Alex Sager

Case Studies Sought:

  1. Profiting from Vice (e.g., marijuana or pornography as big business)
  2. Ethics and Entrepreneurship (e.g., The Ethical Challenges Facing Entrepreneurs)
  3. Social Media and Employment Decisions (e.g., the ethics of hiring/firing decision based on employees’ social media)
  4. Uber and Sexism/Sexual Harassment (e.g., Uber’s dismissive treatment of employee’s sexism claims is all too typical)
  5. Accommodation and Discrimination for Transgender Employees (e.g., Barnes & Noble is latest retailer to face transgender discrimination lawsuit)
  6. Employment Standards for Domestic Workers (e.g., “The Help” Gets Its Due)
  7. Leisure and work – the ethics of long work weeks/expectation that employers are remotely connected outside of work time, etc. (e.g., How to stop 24/7 email ruining your life )
  8. Big Data  (e.g., Senate Report Opens a Window Into Hidden World of Data Aggregators)
  9. Who Owns Traditional Knowledge? (e.g., Biopiracy: when indigenous knowledge is patented for profit)
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